Cattaraugus - Little Valley Central School is now hiring:
MS Principal--  


1.      Minimum five years classroom teaching experience
2.      Certification as School Building or School District Leader

Reports to:   Superintendent of Schools

Supervises: Teachers, Teacher Aides, Teacher Assistants and other staff as assigned by the superintendent. 

Job Function: The Middle School Principal is responsible for the leadership, administration, and supervision of all areas of the Middle School. The Middle School Principal will collaborate with the administrative team in the alignment of programs UPK – 12th grades. 

Specific Duties:

1.      Lead in the development and implementation of short-range and long-range plans for achieving Middle School goals and objectives aligned with the district strategic plan.

2.      Leadership, administration, and supervision of the Middle School’s curriculum, instructional, and assessment practices aligned to Common Core and NYSED mandates and regulations.

3.      Coordinate with the Director of Curriculum & Instruction the professional staff development needs of Middle School faculty.

4.      Attend Board of Education meetings and prepare and coordinate presentations, programs and reports for the Board as required and/or requested by the Superintendent.

5.      Oversight of Middle School data driven instructional practices and related databases for instruction, curriculum and assessments. 

6.      Oversight and coordination of Middle School Academic Intervention Support (AIS) and Response to Intervention programs.

7.      Oversight of the Middle School budget and budgetary processes.

8.      Order, organize and coordinate the administration of local and NYS Middle School assessments.

9.      Coordination of scheduling and master schedule for the Middle School. 

10. Oversight of parent communication to include webpages, Middle School newsletters and related publications. 

11. Participation in school and community events. 

12. Articulation and implementation of Student Code of Conduct .

13. Adheres to District and NYSED regulations for school safety procedures and practices.

14. Collaboration with the school community in articulating the mission and vision of the Middle School. 

15. Demonstrates and acts upon the needs of the community through on –going assessment and development of resources, programs and supports. 

16. Supervises and evaluates the performance of staff in accordance with approved APPR plan.

Evaluation: Annually, in accordance with NYSED approved APPR plan.

Terms of Employment:

12 month position

Tenure Area:

School Administrator/Supervisor

See Below for a list of items due by:  June 17, 2016
Elementary Teacher (Grades 1-6)--
See below for the list of items due by June 17, 2016

Technology Teacher/STEAM Integrator--


The teacher will support technology education and STEAM integration UPK -12th Grades.  The position includes the development of interdisciplinary lessons integrating STEAM grades UPK – 4.  The position will include course instruction at the middle and high school level. 


 Duties of this position include but are not limited to: 

  1. To support and advance STEAM related learning through collaboration with teachers and students
  2. Support professional development learning opportunities in collaboration with BOCES staff and related resources
  3. Develop and model STEAM instruction, planning and lesson development
  4. Support best practices in STEAM to include assessment of new resources for STEAM related learning activities
  5. Model design thinking, principles of engineering, and other innovative frameworks
  6. Instruct courses at the Middle and High School level
  7. Development of interdisciplinary lessons integrating STEAM grades UPK – 4.
  8. Knowledge of curriculum and instructional practices in areas of technology, engineering, science, computer science, arts, or related educational fields
  9. Support the planning of STEAM related extra-curricular activities
  10. Support the planning of STEAM field trips and school and district wide STEAM learning activities for teachers, students and the school community


Certified Technology Teacher

5 Years of Successful Classroom Experience

See below for the list of items due by June 13, 2016.

PK-4th Grade Literacy Coach


The Literacy Coach’s primary responsibility is to lead within both AIS and general education classrooms within the PK-4 school-base for modeling best practices in literacy lessons, providing staff development, and working with PK-4 faculty to directly support the continued development of literacy based curriculum and interventions at CLV Elementary School. This person would be responsible for researching and selecting proven methods for bridging reading gaps in the PK-4 student setting. Additionally, this person would dedicate 50% of their time working directly with students administering literacy interventions.


Duties of this position include but are not limited to: 

1. Learning Environment

a.    Helping create an environment of literacy conducive to effective instruction within the context of the NYSED Curriculum modules and researched based literacy practices. 

b.    Establishing a rapport and maintaining constructive interaction with individuals/groups.

c.    Demonstrating ability to use teacher/student time efficiently.

d.    Maintaining instructional momentum in classroom modeling, in staff development sessions, and in sharing best literacy practices with faculty, staff, administration, and students 

2. Knowledge and Use of Literacy Expertise

a.    Demonstrating an understanding of best practices in the area of literacy and encouraging teachers to apply these before, during, and after literacy based instruction.

b.    Maintaining a collection of professional reading/learning materials which reflect current research. Oversee the continued development of leveled reading libraries within classrooms and in the elementary library.

c.    Overseeing and training all teachers and staff in the proper administration of leveled reading tools throughout the entire elementary setting. 

3. Planning Assistance for Instruction

a.    Assisting teachers in planning, sequencing, and scaffolding of instruction. 

b.    Facilitating the integration of literacy skills and strategies into PK-4 classrooms.

c.    Assisting teachers in the evaluation of data and instruction based on those results.

4. Staff Development

a.    Demonstrating the ability to present literacy skills as a process rather than a series of skills and encouraging lifelong learning.

b.    Conducting meaningful and well-planned staff development through and with the help of the Director of Curriculum & Instruction and the Elementary Principal. 

c.    Modeling techniques for effective delivery of instruction in PK-4 classrooms. 

d.    Providing in-service and follow-up coaching to teachers.  

5. Assessment

a.    Assisting in assessing, monitoring and tracking of assessment data in collaboration with teachers.

b.    Assisting in formal and informal student assessments and interpretation of results as well as helping to develop benchmark assessments at grade levels.

6. Professional Responsibilities

a.    Establishing rapport & relationship with faculty and staff and respecting confidentiality.

b.    Encouraging literacy and lifelong learning.

c.    Upholding school rules, administrative regulations, and Board policies. 

d.    Attending and participating in all required meetings.

7. Classroom Instructional Responsibilities

a.    Establishing research-based literacy instructional norms within classroom instruction.

b.    Delivering literacy interventions to close student learning gaps.

c.    Developing rapport with instructional staff to promote leveled literacy instruction in all classrooms. 

d.    Applying data-driven instruction to all students.


Certification in: 

  1. Early Childhood Education Birth – Grade 2 and/or Childhood Education Grades 1-6
  2. Literacy Certification: Birth – Grade 6
  3. Master’s Degree in Reading
  4. 5 Years Successful Teaching Experience

 See Below for  a list of items due by June 13, 2016.

Director of Technology Services

Supervises:   ITS staff

Job Function: Implements the District’s technology plan; serves as the district contact for technology support, troubleshooting, coordination of hardware and software, oversight of technology budget and staffing.

Specific Duties:

  • ·         Network Administration to include oversight of operations of the network
  • ·         Software Administration to ensure compliance with use in accordance with technology plan and district policies
  • ·         Oversight of district technology budget, requisition of equipment and supplies
  • ·         Coordination of third party vendor technology related resources
  • ·         Technical knowledge in areas of; management and deployment of iPad and iOS Devices; experience with implementing and supporting Learning Management Systems; working knowledge of routing, switching, VMware, virtual infrastructures, wireless infrastructures; basic troubleshooting of both Windows and Mac platforms
  • ·         Provide leadership in development and implementation of district technology plan and technology surveys
  • ·         Coordinate and facilitate building wide district technology meetings
  • ·         Administrator for student management database
  • ·         Formulate and implement technology professional development plan for faculty and students
  • ·         Facilitate and lead the district in both pedagogical and technical support in the design, development, and implementation of instructional content, courses and projects enhancing teaching and learning through a multitude of applications
  • ·         Maintain awareness of best practices, emerging technologies, and new potentials in educational technology that may be adapted to district needs and interests
  • ·         Participate in professional development opportunities in order to advance the district’s technology programs
  • ·         Attend district and Board of Education meetings

·         Supervise information technology staff

·         Other duties as assigned

 Evaluation: Annually

Terms of Employment: 12 month position

Tenure Area:

School Administrator/Supervisor

Required Certification: 

School District Leader

Please see below for list of items due by June 17, 2016.
Items to be sent to district:

·       Letter of Interest

·       Resume

·       Transcripts

·       Application (can be found on the district website)

·       Copy of Current Certification

·       Proof of Fingerprinting

·       3 Current Professional References


Send to:                      Sharon Huff


Cattaraugus-Little Valley Central School

25 Franklin Street North

Cattaraugus,NY 14719


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