• CLV Elementary Supply List




    10 glue sticks

    2 bottles of glue

    2 boxes of large size crayons (8 count)

    2-4 containers of baby wipes

    Sneakers each day

    Backpack each day (large enough to fit a folder)

    3-4 boxes of tissues

    A complete set of extra clothes in a closed, name labeled bag

    2 composition notebooks

    2 dry erase markers

    Old large T-shirt for Art

    A small blanket or towel for rest time (please, no large mats)

    1 box of zip lock bags (snack, sandwich, quart, or gallon size)



    3 boxes of tissues

    4 boxes of 24 back crayons (no larger size, please)

    2 packages of baby wipes

    12 glue sticks

    1 large backpack

    Sneakers everyday (or an extra pair to keep in school)

    1 change of clothes

    Inexpensive pair of headphones

    Large t-shirt for Art class

    Boys – 1 box of gallon size zip lock bags

    Girls – 1 box of quart size zip lock bags


    Grade 1

    1 large backpack

    Xl t-shirt for art

    Sneakers for gym

    2 boxes of tissues

    24 pack of crayons

    4 packs of #2 Ticonderoga pencils

    2 spiral notebooks (1 subject)

    3 pocket folders

    Large and small zip lock bags

    1 pack dry erase markers

    Lots of pencil top erasers

    Pencil box

    Headphones (comfortable ones)

    3 or 4 packs of glue sticks

    1 pack of colored pencils


    Grade 2

    10-15 glue sticks – the small ones

    1 pair of scissors

    Small pencil box – 5” x 8”

    Three composition notebooks

    2 folders with pockets – no clasps

    2 black expo dry erase markers

    50 pencils or more (no mechanical pencils)

    Lots of erasers

    Crayons – no more than a 16 count pack

    1 xl t-shirt for an art smock

    Sneakers for gym


    An old sock or washcloth for a marker eraser

    4 boxes of tissues

    1 box of zip lock plastic baggies – any size

    1 ruler with inches and centimeters


    Grade 3

    1 glue stick

    Filler paper/regular lines – 2packages of 100 sheets each

    100 pencils

    Erasers – 40 pencil top erasers, and 1 big eraser

    2 highlighters

    Colored pencils

    Package of 4 dry erase markers

    2 boxes of tissues

    Small pencil box – 5”x 8”

    Three composition books (hard cover marble)

    2 file folders with tabs on the inside

    Package of post-its 3” x 3”

    1 xl t-shirt – art smock

    Hand held pencil sharpener


    Earbuds to use for computers


    Grade 4

    Trapper Keeper w/ accordion folders and snap/zip/Velcro closure


    Pencils (no mechanical)


    1 1" / 3 ring binder / white with clear front sleeve

    1 package dividers

    2 glue sticks

    2 fine point black dry erase markers

    1 box of at least 12 colored pencils

    2 boxes of tissue

    1 large 3 hole punch pencil pouch (no pencil boxes)

    1 sturdy folder with 2 pockets

    2 composition notebook