Text Box: Cattaraugus – Little Valley
High School Course Offerings 2017-2018

    Text Box: Foreign Language
Spanish I
Spanish II
Spanish III

Spanish IV (JCC)
Honors Spanish (JCC)

Text Box: Business
Business Law (1/2 Credit)
Agricultural Business (1/2 Credit)
Consumer & Financial Mgmt.

Keyboarding/Office Procedures
Accounting Fundamentals
Intro. To Business (1/2 Credit)
Personal Finance (1/2 Credit)
Computer Applications

Text Box: Science
Earth Science
Conceptual Physics
Geographic Information Systems
Environmental Science
Human Physiology
Animal Science (DL)

JCC Biology
SUPA Chemistry I/II
Global Information Systems

Tech Science I (BOCES)
Tech Science II (BOCES)

Text Box: Health                   
Health & Parenting
*Typically scheduled during 10th grade year.
Text Box: Music
Senior Chorus
Senior Band
Piano (1/2 credit)
Guitar (1/2 credit)
Text Box: Technology
Technical Drawing (1/2 Cred.)
Computer Aided Design (1/2 Cred.)
Architectural Drawing

Text Box: Other
Digital Video Production
Intro. to acting
Student Aide (Seniors Only)
BOCES – CTE (Junior/Senior)
Text Box: Art
Studio in Art
Drawing & Painting
Photography I (1/2 credit)
Photography II (1/2 credit)
Computer Graphics
Textile Arts
Text Box: Physical Education
Phys. Ed. 9/10
Phys. Ed. 11/12
Foundations of Fitness
Text Box: Math
Algebra 9
Algebra 10
Intro to Geometry
Intro to Algebra II
Algebra II
Math 12
Career & Financial Mgmt.

SUPA Statistics
JCC Pre Calculus
JCC Algebra II/Trig.
SUPA Calculus

Tech Math I (BOCES)
Tech Math II (BOCES)

Text Box: History
Global Studies I
Global Studies II
U.S. History & Government
Economics (1/2 Credit)
Government (1/2 Credit)
County Government

AP European History
SUPA Economics (1/2 credit)
SUPA U.S. History
Text Box: English
English 9
English 10
English 11
English 12

Contemporary lit. (1/2 Credit)
Creative Writing (1/2 Credit)

JCC 1530 – College Comp. (1/2 Cr.)
JCC 1540 – College Comp. (1/2 Cr.)
JCC 1510 – College Comp (1/2 Cr.)
JCC 1610 – Public Speaking (1/2 Cr.)