Lotus Notes E-Mail Management


The main reasons people exceed their file size are email attachments. The type of files people send through email tend to be large, especially pictures. You should never use your email as a place to store all of these attachments. Simply moving the email out of your inbox and into a folder does not remove it from your mail file. If the attachment is important enough to save, you should save it to your computer (My Documents) or to your network folder (H: Drive).

You can save an attachment simply by double clicking it. The "Open Attachment" box will pop-up. Click on "save" and then select the location where you want to save it.

The document below describes some steps to take to identify these large emails with attachments.

Please take a few moments to follow these steps to clean up your mail file.  I also recommend that you print the directions or make note of this webpage for future reference.

If you need any assistance, please put in a help desk request and we will be happy to help.