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     Welcome to CLV Middle School!
    Where is the summer going?! As we work through July, I anticipate that August will bring a rush of activity as we prepare for students to be back in the hallways on September 4th. I often get the question, "What exactly has to be done over the summer?" Well, many of the annual events that have to occur for a smooth transition to the next school year must occur during the summer months. Administation and counselors are working hard to transition students to the next grade. In doing so, we must focus on scheduling, homeroom assignments for students and teacher schedules. With so many moving parts, this does not always prove to be an easy task. Also, teachers are regular visitors throughout the summer as they work on their curriculum and get ready to welcome their incoming group of students. There are numerous tasks, both large and small, that need to be checked off the list throughout the summer, but I get the most excited about new learning opportunities that I know will benefit our students in middle school and across the district. I have listed below some of the things I am excited about sharing with our students for the upcoming year.
    Growth Mindset Growth Mindset: People with a GROWTH MINDSET believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through hard work and effort.Essentially, our potential in all areas is truely limitless! Click on the following link to find out more about our GROWTH MINDSET; Fixed vs. Growth: The Two Basic Mindsets that Shape our Lives
    Go Timberwolves! 

    April Preston

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