Cattaraugus-Little Valley Middle School    
Grades 5-7 
25 Franklin Street N.
Cattaraugus, NY 14719
Phone: (716) 257-3483
Fax: (716) 257-5108
Welcome to CLV Middle School!
   The goal of our school is to offer our students a safe, inviting and nurturing environment in which they can successfully grow and explore their academic and social interests while becoming prepared for future success in high school, college and/or careers.  Each grade level has interdisciplinary teams that meet and plan together regularly in an effort to best support our students. We also have an intervention specialist offering Literacy supports and interventions across all three grade levels. Additionally, all students will take courses in Art, Music, Computers/STEM, and Family and Consumer Sciences (once known as "Home Economics.")
   Students also have the opportunity to participate in Band, Chorus and many Modified Sports teams (7th grade.)
   In addition to our classroom teachers and staff, our Middle School students are assigned to a grade-level school counselor. Our counselors not only meets with students individually for their personal needs, but also push-into classrooms to offer lessons in Character Education and Career Planning.
   All 7th graders are issued district-owned iPads as part of our grades 7-12 1:1 iPad initiative that began in 2014. Many of our 7th grade teachers offer their courses in a "Blended Learning" format- combining aspects of both online and in-person learning. Students in grades 5 and 6 have daily access to a class cart of iPads that is shares among their respective academic teams. 
    Please feel free to contact either myself, or one of school counselors at any time should you have a question or a suggestion to share. I also invite you to visit CLVMS during any one of our music or athletic events to see our school and our students in person!
Go Timberwolves! 

Middle School Principal

(716) 257-3483 x5282