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Where did April go? This month has absolutely flown by. Mr. Morton visited with his pet chickens and bunnies. Did you know that there are more chickens than any other bird species (25 billion)? Students learned a lot and asked great questions as always.  

Lamb   Dancers  Robots  Display

We had an action packed March! Mr. Morton visited with his pet lamb. Mr. Miller introduced our students to some new robots, Irish dancers performed, and our historical display was updated. Many thanks to all of the teachers, staff, and community members that made these events possible.
Author1  Author2  
On 3/8/17 our school was visited by children's book author and illustrator Matthew McElligott. Matt spoke to grades K-5 about the process of writing and illustrating books. McElligott hails from Albany, NY and has been a published author for about 20 years (16 titles). He attended Alfred University and the University at Buffalo. Many thanks to our school librarian Ms. LaQuay for making this experience possible and for stocking our school library with Matt's books! More information on the author can be found at the link below. 
Display1  Display 2  Display 3
On 2/17/17 Eileen Weishan and Walter Gunther brought over some objects from the Cattaraugus Museum. The plan is to update this display every two or three months with new artifacts that correspond to each season. Currently, there are pictures of girls/boys basketball teams, books from the 19th century, and images of how the campus has changed. Next time you are in the elementary wing make sure to take a moment to check this out, and thank you to both museum curators for donating their time & talents!!! 
Dental Health Presentation  
Many thanks to Amy Wass for visiting our school on 2/28/17 in celebration of National Children's Dental Health Month. Amy is an oral hygienist at the Gundlah Dental Center in Olean. We learned the importance of "brushing our teeth at least two times a day to keep the plaque away"! All of our elementary students received new toothbrushes courtesy of the Dental Center. Thank you!!!
Safety1  Safety2
Many thanks to Deputy Arena and Mrs. Illig for meeting with students to discuss personal safety! This presentation was part of our character education program that focuses on relationships during the month of February. Students talked about who they can trust and asked many great questions. Deputy Arena and Mrs. Illig's next visit will focus on internet safety. If you see Deputy Arena in the hallway give him a thumbs up! 
Students in Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Mentley's fourth grade classes constructed Critterbots on 2/17/17. Students manipulated the lengths of the robots legs to adjust how they moved. Many thanks to Mr. Miller for sharing his expertise. The students that I spoke to enjoyed this experience and were thinking of new construction methods for next time. Great job kids!  
 Outside Fun
Grade 3 students enjoyed the snow and fresh air on 2/17/17! Students earned this reward for their hard work and effort leading up to the break. Snow forts and snow men were constructed out by the elementary play ground. Keep up the good work!
School Identity1   School Identity2  School Identity3  School Identity4
On 2/14/17 teachers began the process of creating an elementary school identity. What is a school identity? A school identity serves to give the school focus, direction and the "big picture" when making decisions. The identity of any school tells a story, it reveals to everyone (students, staff, parents, and the community) who you are as a school. Thank you to all of the teachers for your hard work!
 Parent Child Dance1  Parent Child Dance2
On 2/3/17 around 100 students and parents came out to boot, scoot, and boogie. Many thanks to the PTA for putting this event together. Everyone had fun dressing up and kicking up their heels (wonderful memories were made by all). A special thanks to Mrs. Maguda and Mrs. Jones for donating their time to make this event possible!
Collaboration  Collaboration2 Timer
Students in Mr. Askey's class participated in a 'Break Out' challenge on 1/27/17. Teams worked together to find information needed to crack a literal lockbox filled with treasure. Students collaborated to research on iPad's as the timer ticked down on the classroom SmartBoard. The classroom was filled with an energy as students worked together. The class finished with 10 minutes to spare and were visibly excited upon completion. Video of the students breaking the code can be found above. Many thanks to Mr. Miller for visiting this Friday and for exposing our students to this experience.
Morton 1  Morton 2  Morton 3  Morton 4
Mr. Morton visited the elementary school on 1/26/17 and brought two of his pet hedgehogs. Students enjoyed learning all about the hedgehog's adaptations for surviving in the wild. The diet of a hedgehog has claimed it the reputation of being the 'gardener's friend' as it includes so many 'pests'. Many students thought that a hedgehog would make a great pet (kids asking to plant gardens in the Spring may have ulterior motives). Many thanks to Mr. Morton for sharing this experience with our kids! 
The Big Guy 2  The Big Guy
On December 23, our elementary school was visited by a very special visitor. Everyone was very excited (especially the principal). The look of joy and wonder on the faces of the students was priceless.
December Character Cadets
On December 23, following the morning announcements we honored December's Character Cadets. This month's character trait is empathy. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Great job!
Holiday Music Welcomes Students  Holiday Music Welcomes Students2
On December 22, our high school band welcomed unsuspecting elementary students to school with a serenade of holiday favorites. Our students stopped to listen, clap, and sing along with the musicians. Many thanks to the students and teachers that volunteered their time to add some holiday cheer to our day!
Mr. Morton and Mr. Oldham

On December 22, 2016 our elementary students were visited by Mr. Morton and his reindeer "Dancer". Mr. Morton traveled to us from his Sundance Kid Farm in Conewango Valley, New York. Mr. Morton shared that reindeer have been domesticated for over 1000 years. They are also the only type of deer in which both males and females have antlers. Students asked many inquisitive questions and were able to get up close to this beautiful animal. Mr. Morton travels to schools all over our region educating students about animals. He will be visiting us in January with his pet hedgehogs.

On December 21, the CLV Elementary School welcomed over 200 parents and students into the school for a holiday themed Family Fun Night. Students made crafts, listened to stories, frosted cookies, drank hot cocoa, wrote letters to Santa, and had the opportunity to have their picture taken with the Big Guy. Many thanks to the teachers that volunteered their time to make this event possible.
WBL Students  
We would like to thank Mrs. Stoll's Work Based Learning students for helping us with this year's Holiday Shop. These high schoolers picked up and dropped off elementary students at their classroom's. They helped the younger students select gifts and then wrapped them. Thank you for making this week a little brighter for everyone! 
Writing Celebration 1  Writing Celebration 2  Writing Celebration 3  Writing Celebration 4
On November 18th, students in Mrs. Marsh and Rickert's classes combined for a Writing Celebration. Students wrote opinion pieces about books they had chosen to read and write about. Our authors shared their compositions and encouraged their peers to read their selections. Many thanks to the teachers and students that made this event possible.
Junie B. Jones

On November 29, 2016 our kindergarteners, grade 1, and 2 students were treated to a live musical featuring the characters from Junie B. Jones. Students laughed as Junie B. navigated her way through school and learned why rules are important (especially “cookie time” after recess). Over 1000 students from around the Southern Tier visited our school to watch this TheatreWorks production. I spoke to an Olean student in passing and he commented that he loved our school. We really are fortunate to have world class facilities at CLV.  

Mr. Ganshaw  

On November 30, 2016 we were visited by Mr. Dave Ganshaw who traveled from Yarmouthport, Massachusetts to hand out dictionaries to all of our grade 3 students. Mr. Ganshaw has a camp in our district and has been traveling back to this area for many years during hunting season. He is a member of the B.P.O. Elks and has been handing out dictionaries to our students since the late 90’s. If you are a recent Catt-Little Valley graduate, you might have one of his dictionaries on your bookshelf as you read this. The students were excited to break open their new dictionaries and begin their “word origin quest”. Thank you Dave for continuing this tradition year after year! 

 Book Tasting 2  Book Tasting 1  Book Tasting 3  Book Tasting 4

On December 2, 2016 second grade students had a “Book Tasting” celebration in the elementary cafeteria. Students wrote opinion pieces that told why their peers should read their book. They also gave each book a special award. Following the reports, students enjoyed an assortment of book themed treats (bookworms, pencils, beary good books…). Thank you to the teachers and staff that made this event happen!

On 12.8.16 students in Mrs. Grube’s classroom participated in the “Hour of Code” to celebrate Computer Science Education Week. The kindergarten class teleconferenced with an educational specialist (Bree) from Kodable. Bree, shared the history of her company and gave students a tour of her office. They met a computer programmer and the designer that created the “Blue Fuzz”. At the end of the presentation the students asked many thoughtful questions: Why did you make it so hard? Why do you have to do so many things? Do you have different levels in the Kodable program?

Bee-bot  Kodable Robot Mouse Puzzlet

Many thanks to Mr. Weinberg for helping us connect and interact with the SMART board during the presentation. Following the interview, students demonstrated their knowledge of programming by working with the following programs: Osmo, Bee-Bot, Robot Mouse, Ozobot, Kodable, Code-a-Pillar, Puzzlets, and the Hour of Code program. Our programmer's had an awesome time! 

Homework Club  
On December 12th, the CLV girls modified basketball team helped out during the elementary homework club. Our Wolf Pups were excited to receive additional homework support from these athletes. Nice job girls! 

As we move into the winter season, please make sure students are properly bundled before they head out the door. I have yet to experience a CLV winter but have been warned that this district is blessed with an abundance of winter weather. Those little hands and ears get cold quick!

In closing, please stop by the main office and introduce yourself whenever you visit our campus. I look forward to making the connections between students and families. 


 Micah J. Oldham

Elementary Principal
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