Cattaraugus-Little Valley Elementary School


The childhood shows the man
As morning shows the day.
John Milton Paradise Regained

Welcome to a new year, a new principal, a new set of learning standards, and a new grade!  The leaps and bounds of an elementary progression through PK4 are filled with daily changes and challenges.  These moments of growth and change are the bricks and mortar we lay to build a solid foundation for learning.  The foundation to a building will always determine its stability in the future.  This is what the stodgy old poet John Milton was writing about in 1671 when he published Paradise Regained and this is what we are doing at CLV Elementary in 2016!  Below you will find some links to content on some of these foundational layers.  I welcome you to take some time to visit these cites & pages and learn more about how we are constructing a foundation of excellence in the elementary.

So what's the deal with new learning standards?  Well, at the end of the journey is the hope & goal that your son or daughter can go out into the world with a marketable set of skills and knowledge that will pretty much make them irresistible to an employer -- it's called college and career readiness and it is our main goal -- to produce a commencement level senior that illustrates the traits that can be found in much of the content below.  The new standards are called the Common Core Learning Standards.  But hasn't this always been the goal?  Yes it has.  However, with a shifting global economy and an expanding digital world comes an even greater need to develop students with deep and creative thinking, skills that go beyond simply "googling" content and posting your status.



Mr. Aaron W. Wolfe

Elementary Principal