Cattaraugus-Little Valley Central School District
25 Franklin Street N
Cattaraugus, NY 14719
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Phone: (716) 257-5293
Mr. Jon. W. Peterson, Superintendent of Schools
Mr. Peterson

Greetings from the desktop of the Superintendent of Schools. This summer I was honored to provide a tour to members of the Cattaraugus Central School  Class of 1984. They were in town to celebrate their 30th reunion and wanted to see the changes to our campus…man were they impressed! We started in T Wolf Stadium and once they walked on the turf and ran on the track they asked the rhetorical question, “Do the students know how lucky they are to have this?” We then made our way inside the building and into the theatre where again they exclaimed, “Do the students know how lucky they are to have this?” Along each stop of our tour; from the TV studio to the DL room to the library to the science labs to the music suite to the cafeteria to the fitness center and everywhere in between they continuously responded, “Do the students know how lucky they are to have this?” To our students, families, community, faculty, staff, and administration, my hope is that we all know and will always appreciate the answer to their question!

Cattaraugus-Little Valley Central School is more than simply an impressive place; we are a professional learning community that is dedicated to continuous improvement for the success of our students and their readiness for college and career. Improvement as an outcome of:

  • Teams of teachers, administrators, and Board of Education members participating in highly effective conferences and workshops that contributes to their professional development and improving our school. These experiences will enable us to expand early learning/literacy experiences through full day Pre-K programs, 21st century skills and student engagement through our 1:1 device initiative in Grades 8-12 and increased device opportunities in earlier grades, and instruction in the Common Core Learning Standards in Pre-K –Grade 4 mathematics.  
  • The buildings and grounds, technology, and transportation departments relocating, cleaning, repairing, polishing, and prepping our facilities, vehicles, and equipment.
  • Formulating our web site,, to mobile ready. We trust that you find it a valuable resource, friendly to your mobile device, and your site to visit for information on a regular basis. Please contact me at 257-3483 or if you have any suggestions for site improvement that will address your needs.  

With our impressive facilities and dedication to continuous improvement, my vision for the future remains steadfast… it is for every CLV student to be college and career ready and achieve their dream…and my hope and our district goal is that their readiness and dream begins with a New York State Regents or Advanced Regents diploma.




Jon W. Peterson