Cattaraugus-Little Valley Central School District
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Mr. Jon. W. Peterson, Superintendent of Schools
Mr. Peterson


Greetings from the desktop of the Superintendent of Schools and welcome to our website and our district! I hope and trust that our site is a meaningful resource for you. Please contact me if you propose changes to it in order to make it more helpful and/or relevant.  Speaking of change, CLV like most districts in NY are in the midst of the most significant change in teaching and learning in decades, the adoption of the Regents Reform Agenda which features the Common Core Learning Standards and APPR laws and regulations. The most significant aspect of the change this year is the implementation of the Common Core Curriculum Modules in Grades Pre-k through 9 in English Language Arts and Grades 5 through 9 in Mathematics. As I wrote last spring, when New York adopted the higher standards of the Common Core curriculum and raised the stakes on our Grades 3 through 8 tests, they did so without the essential element in making our students successful. While our teachers and students have never worked harder, they have done so without this missing piece. I believe the missing piece to be the curriculum resources that enables our dedicated teachers to meet the demands of the Common Core each and every day in their classrooms.  The resources, the missing piece, the key to our student’s success…the Common Core Curriculum Modules. While the rollout of the modules has been at times frustrating for teachers (due to incomplete/late/inaccurate materials, insufficient training and lack of rubrics) a common theme from our teachers has emerged… the Common Core and the modules have raised the bar on rigor and the great news is that the quality of work of our students has improved and they are stepping up to the bar!

While we work through the challenges of these changes know that my vision for the future remains steadfast… it is for every CLV student to achieve their dream…and my hope and our district goal is that their dream begins with a New York State Regents or Advanced Regents diploma.




Jon W. Peterson