• Mrs. Atkins-High School Spanish

    Email Address: katkins@clvschools.org
    Phone number: 257-3483  ext. 1134

     While we are closed students will be using the following resources:
    colby.edu/bknelson (access it through a search engine like bing)
    **Distance learning can be difficult when it comes to a course that is so based on 
    communication--the primary goal during this time of closure is to keep 
    yourself exposed to Spanish by listening to it and reading it as much as 
    possible.  Now's the time to watch your favorite movie in Spanish with 
    English subtitles!  Talk to your friends on social media in Spanish!  Anything 
    you do to preserve your skills will be helpful!
    You can reach me at katkins@clvschools.org.  
    I wish the best for you and your families during this difficult time.
    Abrazos, (con distancia ; )
    Sra. A.