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                      Middle School Counselor (Grades 5-6-7 & IEP)                           
    Mrs. Sheryl Williams
    716-257-3483 ext. 5665
    Middle School Counselor (Grade 8 & IEP)
    Mr. Jeff Goodridge
    716-257-3483 ext. 5324

    Hello and Welcome to the 2023 - 2024 school year!  My name is Sheryl Williams and I am the 5th, 6th & 7th grade counselor and IEP counselor for grades 5-8.This will be my 19th year as a School Counselor at CLV.   I am a graduate of Springville High School and currently reside in Ellicottville NY with my husband, Tim. I received my Bachelor’s Degree from Fredonia State University and my Master’s Degree in School Counseling from St. Bonaventure University. 


    I am looking forward to a year of academic and social growth for the students.  As the school counselor, I will assist the students in personal/social, academic, and career development. 

    I will be pushing into classrooms throughout the year to work with students on our social-emotional program for the new school year. 

    The purpose of our social-emotional education program is to help our students learn to do their best and be their best!  



          Mrs. Sheryl Williams, Counselor

          716-257-3483 (5665)
  • 2023 - 2024 Social Emotional Program

    September/October: Self-Awareness

    November/December: Social-Awareness

    January-February: Decision Making

    March/April: Relationships

    May/June: Self-Management

  • Positive Character Traits we are teaching 

    Self -Awareness: Open-minded, Goal Oriented, Self-Reflection, Being Authentic (Be true to yourself)

    Social - Awareness: Compassion, Empathy, Gratitude

    Decision Making: Accountability, Flexibility, Self-Control

    Relationships: Communication, Trust, Honesty, Safety

    Self-Management: Problem-Solving, Personal Responsibility, Motivation

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