• Meet the Teacher


         Hello, and welcome to school!  My name is Tammy Brooks.  I live in the Village of Cattaraugus with my husband James and our three children.  Emmalee and David are twins and they are 18 years old.  David is pursuing his career as a chef at EBC.  Emmalee is at Medaille College pursuing her =career as a veterinarian.  Katlyn is the youngest and she will be 17 years old in November.  She is in her senior year at CLV!  As some of you may know, Emmalee and Katlyn have Cystic Fibrosis, which affects the mucus membranes of the body, especially the lungs and digestion.  They both need breathing treatments and respiratory therapy twice a day, every day.  They also take pancreatic enzymes every time they eat to help absorb the nutrients from the food and snacks they eat.  Keeping germ free is the best way for our family to stay healthy, so we wash and sanitize our hands all the time. We also have 5 dogs.  Millie, Boss, Bean, Sassy, and Wendy.  Our house is usually very busy!
         Spending time with my family is my favorite past time.  We enjoy playing outside, swimming, reading books, visiting relatives and sitting down to dinner together.  I also enjoy collecting teddy bears, reading, and helping children achieve their goals.  I can't wait to learn more about my students and their families as we partner in education.


         As a young girl, my dream was to become a teacher and teach in the district where I went to school. I graduated from Cattaraugus Central School, class of 1989.  In 1994, I returned to college to get my teaching degree.  I went to JCC for two years and finished my degree at SUNY Fredonia where I graduated Magna Cum Laude.  After teaching one year in a private, Christian school and one year as a part time remedial math teacher in Cattaraugus, I was hired full time as a third grade teacher. After being hired at CLV, I returned to Fredonia for my Master’s Degree in Reading. 


         I was a third grade teacher at Cattaraugus Elementary for six years.  Then, I taught fifth grade for six years.  From there, I taught sixth grade math for 4 years.  Then, in, 2017-2018, I returned to 5th grade to teach Math & Science.  I'm excited to be back in 5th grade... I think it's my favorite!!!