• Welcome to the CLV Physical Education Program.  The goals of this program is to increase student performance through fitness, skill building, teamwork, sport knowledge, lifetime fitness, respect for self and others.  We will be doing various activities throughout the school year to accomplish these goals.  The activities may include fitness testing, soccer, football, basketball, badminton, rollerblading, cross country skiing, dance, racquet sports, volleyball, softball, and track and field. 

    Please see course requirements and grading policy for further information. 

    Always remember to bring your gym clothes, sneakers, and a positive attitude!!

        I am also very excited to be your child's Elementary teacher !! You student will  make great strides as we work on your child's physical fitness, activity, and wellness. If your child follows Mrs. J's Golden Rules they will be sure to reach success and have a ton of fun !  Mrs. J's Golden Rules:  Respect, Responsibility, and Readiness.  Also : Be a Good Listener, Be a Good Helper, Be a Good Friend!
    As always be prepared with appropriate gym sneakers.



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