• Physical Education grading policy and classroom requirements.


    Students are required to change their clothes to participate in Physicla Education class.

    Dress code: Shorts, t-shirt, wind pants, sweatshirt, non-marking sneakers(hiking boot types are not acceptable).  Sneakers must have backs- slides and flip-flops are not acceptable.  Sneakers must be snuggly tied.  Tank tops are not allowed in Physical Education class.

    When the weather is nice in the fall/spring, we will be going outside. We may also participate in winter activities.  Appropriate clothes are a must.  It is very important for our students to experience the optimum amount of physical exercise possible in our classes.  Therefore, activityis highly encouraged instead of sitting out of class.



      A student's daily grade is based on a four point Rubric consisting of :  Preparation, Participation, Sportsmanship/Behavior, and Skill /Knowledge. Students must change their clothes and participate to the best of their ability in order to receive full credit for each of the rubric points.