• Photography
    Course Description:
         This is a half year course which is designed to build on previously learned skills when creating artwork in the following units of study:  Drawing; Printmaking; Sculpture; and Movement.  The objective of the course is for students to gain a sound understanding of general art mediums, techniques, and some art history.
                                                    girl finger painting


    • Bring a traditional #2 pencil to class every day.
    • Arrive to class on time.
    • You must have you agenda to sign out for the lavatory.
    • Show respect for others and their work.
    • Use equipment and materials responsibly.
    • Maintain a high attendance rate- as per the participation grade.
    • Keep a positive attitude and put forth effort.
    • Live by "the golden rule for living".
    Grading Policy:
            10 pts. Craftsmanship
            10 pts. Creativity
            10 pts. Effort
            10 pts. Elements/Principles of Design
            10 pts. Project Specifics
             5 pts. Reflection
    Total 55 pts.
         Late Work Policy:
             Based on Class Participation Grades students working consistently that do not finish on time will lose 3 pts each day beyond the deadline.  
           Incomplete projects will not be accepted beyond the end of the quarter.
        Class Participation: 30 pts per week
            Student can earn a maximum of 6 points each day. If a student is absent, he/she can make the daily points up by working outside of the class, the ABSENT mark will be removed and participation grade will replace the previous code.
       Unit Summary Sheet/ Current Event: 15 pts.
             Student will need to complete an unit summary sheet identifying their understanding of tools, techniques, concepts and procedures.  Unprepared students will be asked to spend time with me after school to complete the worksheet.
        Extra Credit:
            Students can turn in an extra credit every other week. *See the extra credit link from my welcome page.  
       Subject Matter
            Use common sense and good judgment, as per school appropriate standards determined by your instructor and administrator.
             Be respectful of copyright infringement laws.