• Extra Credit
         How often can I turn in extra credit?
              Students can turn in an extra credit paper every other week, alternating weeks with the mandatory current event oral summary assigned week.  Calendars will be posted outside of the classroom, on this web page and a calendar will be handed out at the beginning of each quarter.
         How can you earn extra credit?
    1. Read a current article in a newspaper or magazine that is related to the visual arts.  The article needs to have three or more paragraphs.  (If possible, make a copy of the article for resource information.) OR
    2. Watch a creditable television show on a visual arts related subject. (Document the television station, time, and date for resource information.) OR
    3. Visit an art gallery, museum, studio, or a workshop that is related to the visual arts.  (If possible, get a brochure or business card for resource information.
    4. Write a half to full page summary discussing what you learn in the article, or what you observed on the television show, or what you witnessed at the gallery or artist's studio.  The summary should be based on information gathered.  Please make this legible.