• PSAT's  (Preliminary SAT):
    The PSAT measures critical reading, math and writing skills developed over many years, both in and out of school. It does not require students to recall facts from literature, history, or science, or complete math formulas, as this test measures your reasoning and critical thinking skills.
    Who takes the PSATs?
    -  Students are eligible to take the PSAT's if they are a junior.
    When is the PSAT?
    -  The PSAT will be held on Wednesday, October 11th, 2023, at Cattaraugus-Little Valley.
    Why take the test?
    -  Get feedback about critical academic skills
    -  Prepare for the SAT
    -  Start getting ready for college
    -  Enter scholarship competitions
    What is the test fee?
    -  There is an $18 fee to take the PSAT. Stop in the Student Services Office to sign-up before October 1st if you would like to take the PSAT. (There is a fee waiver available for students. Stop in and ask at student services if you qualify).
    What to bring on test day?
    -  No. 2 Pencils (not mechanical)
    -  Calculator
    Online Preparation:
    -  www.collegeboard.org/psat
    -  www.collegeboard.org/psatskills