• College Level Courses on the CLVHS Campus

    A number of college level courses are offered on the CLVHS campus. Courses in Science, History, English, Spanish, Math, and Business are currently offered by CLVCS instructors and awarded college credit through Syracuse University, St. Bonaventure University and Jamestown Community College.

    Some courses do not run pending on enrollment.

     ***Any student interested in taking a JCC course each school year may have to take the Accuplacer placement test (required by JCC). It is offered every school year. Listen for announcements and check for emails!

    Jamestown Community College (JCC) Courses: Juniors and Seniors only. *Sophomores may register for College Connections if they meet the eligibility requirements for the course AND the following criteria: • Cumulative GPA of 80+ • 15 years of age or older before the last day of the class.

    JCC Dual Enrollment Pre-requisites and requirements 

    College Connections Student Guide

    Important College Connection Dates

    ENG 1510 - English Composition I  (3 cr) (fall) *Typically taken in place of English 11, junior year.

    ENG 1530 - English Composition II  (3 cr) (fall) *Typically taken in place of English 12, semester 1, senior year.

    ENG 1540 - Introduction to Literary Studies (3 cr) (spring) *Typically taken in place of English 12, semester 2, senior year.  

    CMM 1610 - Public Speaking (3 cr) (semester) *Can be taken after ENG 1510.

    BUS 1360 - Keyboard/Word Processing (3 cr) (spring) *Can be taken sophomore year if requirements are met, or anytime after. No pre-requisites.

    LDR 1300 - Leadership Engagement (3 cr) (Fall) *Can be taken sophomore year if requirements are met, or anytime after. No pre-requisites.  

    LDR 1660 Leadership Development (3cr) (Spring) *Pre-requisite of ENG 1510

    MAT 1500- Problem Solving with Mathematics (3cr) (Full year) *Multiple requirements, see link above.

    MAT 1590 - College Algebra/Trigonometry (4 cr) (full year) *Multiple requirements, see link above.  

    MAT 1600 - Precalculus (4 cr) (full year) *Multiple requirements, see link above.  

    SPA 2510 - Intermediate Spanish I (3 cr) (full year) *Must have 3 years of Spanish completed.

    SPA 2520 - Intermediate Spanish II (3 cr) (full year) *Must have 4 years of Spanish completed.


    Syracuse University Project Advance (SUPA) Courses: *Offered to Juniors and Seniors only

    SUPA Course Information

    Student and Parent Information

    BIO 121-23/124:  General Biology I and II (8 cr) (fall & spring) - Runs every other year

    CHE 106/107: General Chemistry ( 8 cr) ( Fall and Spring) -Runs every other year

    ECN 203:  Economic Ideas and Issues (3 cr) (fall)

    HST 101/102: US History (6 cr) (full year)

    MAT 221:  Elementary Probability & Statistics I (3 cr) (fall)

    MAT 222:  Elementary Probability & Statistics II (4 cr) (spring)

    MAT 295:  Calculus I (4 cr) (full year)

    PHY 101/102: Physics (8cr) (full year)


    St. Bonaventure University 



    CS 101:  Beauty & Joy of Computer Science (3 cr) (full year)

    CYB 101: Introduction to information security (3cr) ( full year)


    Articulation Agreement with Cobleskills College: Possible College Agriculture credit is awarded if students take both Vet Science and Animal Science and earn a B or better. *Talk to your counselor or see Mrs. Mitrowski for details. 

    Ag Business is offered every other year and can also earn college credit through Cobleskill College. 



    Advanced Placement: https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/

    AP European History (college credit dependent on AP Exam score). There is a fee covered by the student to take the assessment. In 2023, the approximate cost is $98.

    *This class is typically taken in grade 10, in place of Global Studies II. It is based on a Global Studies I average of 95% or higher with teacher recommendation.

    Other available opportunities. See your counselor for details and program requirements.
    St. Bonaventure University Giant Step Program

    The Giant Step program offers senior students the opportunity for part-time study at St. Bonaventure University.  Students must apply to St. Bonaventure University through the admissions office and meet the requirements the university would expect of any freshman applicant.  Currently, the student’s course load is limited to 6 credit hours per semester.


    SUNY College at Fredonia 3-1-3 Program
    This program is almost identical to the Giant Step program noted above.  However, students are not limited to the 6 credit hour requirement per semester.  Students must apply on the college’s application form and meet the same entrance requirements as any freshman applicant.  The plan is for the student to complete three years of high school, one year (senior year) of high school and college, then attend Fredonia and graduate within three years.
    Jamestown Community College Pre-Enrollment Program (PEP)
    This program allows students to take certain college courses in the evening or during the school day. Students must pass all placement tests administered by the college to be allowed to participate in the PEP program.
    Houghton College; Early College/Dual Enrollment *See your counselor for details. 
    High school juniors and seniors seeking to earn college credit while in high school and expand their educational horizons are invited to enroll in Houghton’s courses. This can include dual enrollment, taking your course at your high school, and dual credit courses. You will receive the same high-quality instruction from the expert faculty for which Houghton has received national recognition as you complete courses fully online.