• What is the Timberwolves Community Alliance?

    It is a partnership between CLVCS and the school district communities to provide resources and support to local organizations, municipalities and the school.

    How and why was it formed?

    The school board recognized a need for an avenue to fund special projects or opportunities that by law the school could not. In an initial meeting of several community members the idea of an all encompassing community foundation emerged. So over the last several months a dedicated, diverse group of community residents, school board members and administrative personnel have worked diligently to establish an organization that would encourage and provide resources to the community and school for social, cultural, experiential, civic and educational support .

    What will the alliance do?

    The Alliance will provide a means to raise funds, apply for grants, and accept donations from individuals, organizations, corporations, alumni and bequests. These funds will then go back into the community to provide support for our local organizations, needed improvements and opportunities for our children.

    Is this run by the school administration or school board?

    No, the TCA is its own entity with an administrative board of community members. No school administrators or school board members sit on the board of directors except in an ex-officio capacity with no voting rights.

    How will this be funded?

    The TCA will hold fundraising events periodically and accept donations. For special projects either in school or in the community it may apply for corporate sponsorship, grant funding or private foundation support. It will not be funded by local taxes.

    Will donations be tax deductible?

    TCA is applying for IRS charitable status. We expect to have our designation as a 501(c)3 charitable organization before the end of this year. Once we have our designation then all donations are deductable.

    Can I specify how my donation should be used?

    Yes, the TCA has the capabilities and responsibility to administer donor-advised funds if the donation fits into the mission of the organization.

    How can I be sure my donation is being spent appropriately?

    The TCA must comply with IRS and NYS regulations and filings. All filings are open to the public and can be requested from the organization. Additionally, we encourage donors and the public to be actively involved, attend board meetings, offer suggestions or contact board members with any questions. However, donor names and amounts are not necessarily public information and must be kept confidential.

    How can I get involved?

    We would welcome you at any of our meetings and would especially be pleased if you could serve on one or more of several committees. Until we have a website or facebook page you can contact any of the board members for the time and place of the next meeting. Meetings are usually held in the new media/library room at the Catt. campus.