2013-2014 marked the start of the new Algebra curriculum as outlined by the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS).
    Major Content (70%) of the course will be:
    *Interpreting the structure of an expression
    *Performing arithmetic operations on polynomials
    *Creating equations that describe numbers or relationships
    *Understanding and solving equations as a process of reasoning and explain that reasoning
    *Solving equations and inequalities in one variable
    *Representing and solving equations and inequalities graphically
    *Understanding the concept of a function and use function notation
    *Interpreting functions that arise in applications in terms of context
    *Interpreting linear models
    Supporting Content (20%) of the course will be:
    *Reasoning quantitatively and using units to solve problems
    *Writing expressions in equivalent forms to solve problems
    *Understanding the relationship between zeroes and factors of polynomials
    *Analyzing functions using different representations
    *Building a function that models a relationship between two quantities
    *Constructing and comparing linear, quadratic, and exponential models and solving problems
    *Summarizing, representing, and interpreting data on two categorical quantitative variables
    Additional  Content (10%) of the course will be:
    *Using properties of rational and irrational numbers
    *Solving systems of equations
    *Building new functions from existing functions
    *Summarizing, representing, and interpreting data on a single count or measurement variable


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