• Spanish 2- how to conjugate in the present, preterite and imperfect tenses, how to write short stories, how to circumlocute, vocabulary associated with school, daily routines, clothing, leisure activities, holidays and family celebrations and childhood.
    Spanish 3-mastery of grammar mentioned in Spanish 2 plus how to conjugate in the future, present progressive, commands and impersonal expressions, vocabulary associated with luxuries and necessities, the community, the hospital, the movies, professions, travel and the outdoors.  You'll also participate in an all-Spanish soap opera about vegetables!
    Spanish 4-mastery of grammar mentioned in Spanish 2 and 3 plus how to conjugate in the conditional, subjunctive, using double object pronouns, distinguishing between preterite and imperfect, vocabulary associated with location, tourism, cuisine, and immigration.  You'll also read a Junie B. Jones book in Spanish!
    Honors Spanish-mastery of grammar mentioned in Spanish 2, 3 and 4 plus the difference between por and para, how to conjugate in the imperfect subjunctive and all of the perfect tenses, vocabulary associated with ancient civilizations, the bank, the hotel, the weather, the airport, the car, leisure activities, and relations.  You'll also speak in Spanish (only Spanish) every day, read some famous Spanish literature and write a 5 page report in Spanish!