• Be the Light

    ELA 8

    Our English class will focus on preparing students for high school and beyond. Below you will find  the major themes and associated texts.  We will be addressing the Common Core Learning Standards through the adaptation of the Modules found on engageny.org.  Through each unit, we will focus on specific skills (reading closely, evidence-based claims, argument writing, and critical thinking) while we explore the world, and our place in it, through the characters.

    Themes and Major Texts
    Society and Class, Loyalty, Isolation, Self Worth
            The Outsiders- S.E. Hinton
            Wonder- R.J. Palacio
            Monster- Walter Dean Myers
            The Seventh Most Important Thing-Shelley Pearsall
    Home, Belonging, Sense of Self, Family
            Coraline- Neil Gaiman
            Stargirl- Jerry Spinelli
            Out of My Mind- Sharon Draper
          Collections of Poems - Various Authors 
          Inside Out and Back Again - Thanhha Lai
    Dystopian versus Utopian
    Technology, Societal Belief, Power of Choice 
          The Giver - Lois Lowry
    Humanity and Inhumanity During WWII
          Night - Elie Weisel
          The Book Thief- Markus Zusak
    Introduction to Shakespeare
          Much Ado About Nothing
    Short Stories
         The Tell-Tale Heart
         The Hitchhiker
         The Lottery
    **In addition to the major units we are completing, we will be focusing on vocabulary, grammar, figurative language, elements of fiction/non-fiction, and punctuation (daily); in addition to, journaling about personal interests (weekly).  The topics covered are important to success throughout and across the curriculum. They will be designed to continuously challenge the students to improve their writing and communication skills.


     Shark Tank

    Language Arts Lab (LAL)

    This is a 10-week mini-course that focuses on the art of persuasive speaking and writing.  Students will be guided through the process of persuasive speaking and writing by discussing and viewing the proper technique, vocabulary, and rhetorical devices. The final project for this class will be a student version of Shark Tank.  This class is the culmination of the skills that the students have learned up until this point, and will prepare them for the high demands of public speaking and writing in high school and beyond.