• Welcome Back to another Great Year! 


    Cattaraugus-Little Valley Middle School    

    Grades 5-8
    WEEK of Sept 21

    Welcome Back to School!

    We are so happy to have students back in the building! We are making progress towards getting back to a normal routine, so your patience and flexibility is much appreciated! Now that we are back in session, there may be a few changes to how your child is getting instruction and lessons for the day. 

    Hybrid Track: All students have been assigned an instructinal "track."

    Track A - in-person Monday and Wednesday

    Track B - in-person Tuesday and Thursday

    Track C - in-person Monday-Thursday

    Track D - 100% virtual

    Students will receive lessons Monday-Friday. The days they are not in-person, students will be provided with videotaped lessons and independent work. Friday will continue to be "virtual Friday" for all students. They will be provided with shorter classes and larger group virtual instruction for a shortened Friday schedule. 

    Students will be provided an at-home learning schedule to help guide their day when they are not in the building. They will also have access to their teachers during virtual "office hours." Teachers can work through any questions that the students have and provide additional supports during their "office hours" time. 

    UPDATE: We are now allowing backpacks in school! Students are welcome to bring their backpack, a water bottle and they should always remember to bring their fully charged iPad for a great day of learning!


    April Preston

    Middle School Principal

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    Phone: (716) 257-3483
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    Thank you for visiting the Middle School Webpages. We are back for another spectacular year! We will face a lot of new challenges this year, but I know we will learn and grow from the process. I am so pleased that all our school stakeholders will be working together to provide the needed communication and resources to students that will continue to support their education. Please continue to check our site for useful information as students and families navigate through the 20-21 school year!
    I think Bob Dylan said it best with his words "Times, they are a-changin." Thank you to parents, family and friends for your continued support!


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    April Preston

    Middle School Principal

    (716) 257-3483 x5282