Winter Sports Varsity JV Modified
    Boys Basketball X X X
    Boys Bowling X   X
    Girls Basketball X X X
    Girls Bowling X   X
    Cheerleading, Basketball X X  
    Spring Sports Varsity JV Modified
    Boys Baseball X   X
    Boys Track and Field X   X
    Girls Softball X   X
    Girls Track and Field X X X
    Golf (boys and girls)


    Fall Sports Varsity JV Modified
    Boys Football X   X
    Boys Soccer X   X
    Girls Cross Country X   X
    Cheerleading, Football X    
    Girls Soccer X   X
    Girls Volleyball X X X
    Girls Cross Country X   X

    Winter Coaches

    Spring Coaches

    Fall Coaches

    Boys Basketball
    Varsity Coach -Josh Forster
    JV Coach - Wayde Savidge
    Modified Coach -
    Girls Basketball
    Varsity Coach -Matt Minnekine
    JV Coach -
    Modified Coach -
    Boys/Girls Bowling
    Varsity Coach -
    Boys Baseball
    Varsity Coach -Josh Forster
    Modified Coach -
    Girls Softball
    Varsity Coach - Heather Kagelmacher
    JV Coach - Hanah Ulinger/Kaylee Eaton
    Modified Coach -Brenda Eaton
    Boys/Girls Track & Field
    Varsity Coach - John Janora, Katie Scott
    Varsity Coach - Ken Wright
    Most Coaches can be contacted by using their first initial last name @clvschools.org
    Or you can email mminnekine@clvschools.org


    Varsity Coach - Tim Miller
    Assistants - Josh Forster, Matt Minnekine, Bryan Gunsolus
    Modified Coach - John Janora
    Varsity Coach - Vicky Priest-Hines
    Boys Soccer
    Varsity Coach -Rochelle Redeye
    Modified Coach -PJ Peterson
    Modified Volleyball - Heather Kagelmacher
    JV Volleyball - Matt Jones
    Varsity Volleyball - Kim Jones