• CLV Elementary Curriculum


    Teachers have worked countless hours to research best practice and create lessons that promote student engagement. Our dedicated staff, students, and parents have been working extremely hard to increase student achievement. As a building we have become well versed in the Common Core ELA and Math Curriculum. If you have questions about the grade level curriculum please do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher.


    Below you will find the curriculum used and helpful resources:


    K-4 Reading (60 Minutes- Balanced Literacy)

    Grades K-2 NYS ELA Modules (Core Knowledge Language Arts)

    Grades 3-4 NYS ELA Modules (Expeditionary Learning)

    Four Blocks of Reading Instruction



    Grades K-4 NYS Math Modules



    Lucy Calkins Writer's Workshop


    Universal Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum:

    UPK ELA Curriculum Module From NYS Education Department

    UPK Math Curricula From NYS Education Department