The textbook for this course is Sullivan Precalculus: Concepts through Functions by Sullivan/Sullivan (custom edition) with Math XL.

    Students will learn topics necessary for studying calculus and discrete mathematics.  Algebra topics include rational and polynomial functions.  Trigonometry topics include graphs, identities, half and double-angle formulas, and inverse trig functions.  Other topics include exponential and logarithmic functions and an introduction to limits.

    Prerequisite:  successful completion of MAT 1590.

    4 credit hours.



    1. Homework will be given every class. However, it is probable that the assignments will not be graded.  Homework completion is necessary for practice of concepts and preparing for assessments.  If an assignment is to be graded the students will be notified beforehand. 


    1. If a student is absent from school, he/she is still responsible for getting any missed notes or handouts.
    2. If a student is absent from school, he/she may make up a missed quiz/test ONLY if the absence was coded as EXCUSED. No makeup assessments will be given for unexcused absences. 
    3. There will be up to 10 exams given, up to 10 quizzes given, a midterm exam, and a final exam.
    4. Occasionally extra credit will be available. This is completely at the teacher’s discretion.
    5. Daily required materials: book, pencil, pen, eraser, 3- ring binder (with looseleaf paper) and TInspire calculator.


    (TI-nspire graphing calculators are issued to each student just like a textbook.)


     Tests:  50%                      Quizzes:  25%                  Homework:  25%


    GRADING SCALE (JCC equivalents)


    A             (90 – 100)                                           C             (70 – 76)

    B+          (87 – 89)                                              D+          (67 – 69)

    B             (80 – 86)                                              D             (60 – 66)

    C+          (77 – 79)                                              F             LESS THAN 60