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    This year we are excited to announce our expanded summer PD provided by funding through the Title II grant. Based on our feedback from last year and from a variety of stakeholders, including teachers, administrators, staff and building and grounds, we have made the following changes: 

    1. instead of 3 - 6 hours days, teachers can work up to 20 hours in order to accommodate busy schedules and child care
    2. summer work will be scheduled in-house for July only 
    3. out-of-district workshops are available to teachers (see listing below)
    4. additional supports provided by experts and consultants, as requested

    Summer Work Schedule: 
    Summer work hours will take place during the following weeks: 


Overview of the Office of Curriculum & Instruction


    The Cattaraugus-Little Valley Central School District offers a comprehensive, high quality instructional program to our learners. Guided by the Common Core State Learning Standards and NYS assessments, the District has articulated specific grade level curricula for all content area disciplines. In addition to state mandated assessments, we utilize local interim assessments to continuously measure student growth, offer academic intervention services to students in need of extra assistance, and challenge those students who exceed the standards in one or more areas. Our goal is to ensure our students are college and career ready!
    As you visit each of our links to the left of the screen, you will become aware of the many opportunities that are available for students at all grade levels. From Kindergarten screening through the high school graduation ceremony, parents are an important and valued component of our program. We rely on parents as first teachers and as partners in the educational process. These links also provide support and information for faculty and staff.
    Goal #1: Curriculum Alignment PreK-12
    Through PreK-12 curricular teams, the District will focus on vertical alignment across grade levels and subject areas.
    • Curriculum Alignment & Instructional Planning: developing curriculum and instructional plans across all subject areas (ongoing).
    • Common Core Alignment: ensuring K-12 ELA and math curriculum is aligned to the Common Core and NYS assessment expectations (year 4).
    • Social Studies Framework: continue to work on implementing the new framework and inquiry-based learning experiences, and preparing for the new Regents exams in Global 2 and US History (year 2).
    • Next Generation Science Standards: begin building awareness of the new science standards and develop an implementation plan over the next three years (year 1). 
    Goal #2: Literacy
    Literacy is the ability of our learners to use language, numbers, images, technologies, and other means to understand, communicate, and apply knowledge. The District will continue to place great emphasis on providing programming and supports to ensure that all students are literate and competitive in college, career, and beyond. 
    • SchoolRise: continue using the standards-based change process, elementary educators are collaborating to identify and develop a system for improving student achievement (year 2).
    • Guided Reading: build teachers' capacity for facilitating small group reading instruction designed to provide differentiated teaching that supports students in developing reading proficiency (year 2). 
    • Writer's Workshop: build teachers' capacity for implementing an interdisciplinary writing technique that will foster students' fluency in writing through continuous, repeated exposure to the process of writing (year 2).
    Goal #3: Response to Intervention 
    In order to ensure that all learners can succeed, the District is dedicated to providing a framework of supports and interventions tailored to meet the individual needs of students.
    • NYS Response To Intervention Program: plan and implement school-wide, multi-tiered prevention framework that provides supplemental, needs-specific interventions to students experiencing challenges academically, socially, and/or emotionally.  

  • From Striving to Thriving

    by Stephanie Harvey & Annie Ward Year Published: 2017

    When it comes to readers who need the most support, teachers can’t afford to waste time using fragmented, skill-and-drill interventions that don’t work. Literacy specialists Stephanie Harvey and Annie Ward demonstrate how to “table the labels” and use detailed formative assessments to craft targeted, personalized instruction that enable striving readers to do what they need above all - to find books they love and engage in voluminous reading. Loaded with ready-to-go lessons, routines, and “actions,” as well as the latest research, this book is a must for any teacher who strives to make every reader a thriving reader.

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