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Mrs. Darlene White

Welcome to 5th Grade ELA & SS

This year in ELA, we will be focusing on the Common Core Learning Standards for English Language Arts Grade 5. Students in this class can expect the following:
1.  Come to class prepared with your textbook, agenda, ,a pencil & pen, your ELA folder, and a book to read.
2.  You will be reading independently both in school and at home on a regular basis.  You will keep track of your at home independent reading on a Weekly Reading Log that will be turned in for a grade.  You will also be doing projects on books that you have read at home.
3.  You will complete various homework assignments designed to practice the ELA skills that were taught in class.
4.  In class we will read many interesting genres of literature including short stories, poems, non-fiction and fiction.
5.  We subscribe to Scholastic Magazine.   All students will be getting their own copies to keep.  You will be completing skills pages as well as taking a comprehension quiz on each issue and we may find inspiration for some writing tasks from the magazine.
6. All the work that we do will help us to be prepared for the New York State ELA test.


This year in Social Studies we will be learning about the world with emphasis on the Western Hemisphere. Our primary text will be the New World Studies Weekly. This is a weekly newspaper that each student will get to use and keep. Students will be required to complete a vocabulary notebook, read all the articles in each issue, complete the crossword puzzle on the back each week. We may at times use other supplemental materials. At the end of each issue students will be assessed using the Quiz. Students will be allowed to use their vocabulary notebooks and their newspaper on the Quiz.