• Parenting Classes


    What are parenting classes?    Parenting classes provide advice, strategies, skills, tips and tools on how to raise children while managing the stress of parenting.  They also provide an opportunity for parents to share ideas and concerns with others going through similar issues.  additionally, can help navigate complicated aspects of parenting such as divorse and death.  




    Parenting Workshop:

    A seven-week parenting class that uses the Active Parenting Model.  Parenting skills are taught in classroom/group settings.  

    Call with any questions at: 945-1041 X198 or 364-4586

    New Pathways to Responsible Fatherhood Initiative:

    This initiative is designed to help fathers and those in a father-like role improve their economic stability, develop and maintain healthy relationships, and develop/improve responsible parenting skills.  The focus of the group is to promote fatherhood and the importance of being a positive role model for children.  The group is open to any male who plays a role in a child’s life (Father, Step-Father, Grandfather, Uncle, Friend).

    DADS Connection Groups - By Dads, For Dads

    For more information, please contact Joey Skinner at 716-468-4475 or Shane Bowser at 716-244-8330