• 5th Graders Immunizations Requirement

    This notice is to inform you that your son/daughter who will be entering sixth (6th) grade in the Fall of 2011 will need the following vaccine mandated by New York State Department Health Department.
    Tdap (tetanus, diptheria, pertussis) *** this vaccine is Mandated and required
    Other Recommended Vaccines for this age group are:
    Varivax (chickenpox) a second dose
    Menactra (meningitis)
    Gardasil (HPV) - for females only
    Hepatitis A
    All students must show proof of vaccination prior to entering the start of school. The only exception is if your child has not reached age 11 before the start of school. An appointment for the vaccine must be in place for them to receive the vaccine on or shortly after their 11th birthday.
    Please note: many providers do offer "Boostrix" which can be given to children ages 10-18.
    If your child has received any of these vaccines, please send a copy of the record showing the date of administration to your child's health office in school.
    Feel free to contact the School Nurse if you have any questions regarding this important mandate.
    Thank you