•                   The Palmar Reflex in and infant

     The Palmar Reflex

    Exercises to integrate the Palmar Reflex:

    1. With one hand, point your fingers and thumb straight up. Your wrist should be relaxed, following the line of your fingers and thumb.
    2. Touch your thumb to each finger, one finger at a time. This will look like an “Okay” sign but try to keep your other fingers straight and pointing upward as much as you can.
    3. Then go backwards from pinky to pointer.
    4. Do this three times
    5. Switch hands, repeat steps one through 4.
    6. Work up to being able to do this exercise with both hands at the same time.
    7. Complete daily. The skills should show improvment in handwriting after 30 days (about 4 and a half weeks) of practice.