• Spinal Galant Reflex Personally speaking I never heard of this reflex until 3 years ago. It’s really an important reflex to integrate.

    Research has shown a connection between the retention of the Moro reflex and the Spinal Galant reflex with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.

    Why a reflex is retained is difficult to know, but some reasons that research has found are traumatic birth, neck subluxation, chronic ear infections and lack of tummy time.

    The purpose of the Spinal Galant reflex is to encourage movement and develop range of motion of the hips in preparation for crawling and walking.

    This reflex should be integrated by 9 months of age.

    What one may see in their child if not integrated is bedwetting, fidgeting, inability to sit still and poor concentration.

    An exercise that will integrate this reflex is called Slow Angels. Similar to Snow Angels.

    There is a Youtube video to watch for the complete exercise titled Reflex Integration Exercise. It starts in the position of a snow angel. The arms and legs are moved together slowly up and down for a set of 5. Then one side of the body does the movement slowly for a set of 5. Switch to the other side and repeat slowly for a set of 5. Then opposite arm and leg set of 5 and then switch one more time to the other arm and leg. Consistent participation with this exercise daily for one month should show improvement in your child’s skills.