• Daily Schedule

    1.  Read Great Books!

    2.  Be Kind and Creative!

    3.  Be Ready to Learn how to do NEW things!

    The 6th  Grade team is working hard to send home communications: daily (through Remind App) and quarterly (newsletters)  to help you navigate Middle School with your child.  From the use of powerschool to keep track of work progress, to using posted videos and e-assignments - school looks different than when most of us were in school.  It should right?  The world is different now than back then and we are charged with ready-ing today's students for tomorrows jobs!   


    We know this year's students have had an...unusual educational experience ....and work hard as a team to take time teaching skills and content from previous grade levels all the while meeting our own grade's standards...and to unroll it gradually as we get to know each child's skills and needs.  

    Patience and communication will be key!  

    Read Great Books!  

    I welcome your ideas via text in the REMIND app, through e-mail - lharrington@clvschools.org or request a conference via phone or join in on TEAMS during our office hours - 11:50-12:15.  
    We are also able to check our  school messages 257-3483, ext. 3309.  However, if you have not heard a response to within 48 hours, please call the office and try again.  Hopefully it won't happen, but..