First Grade Homework    child doing math


               I'd like to take the opportunity to let you know what to expect for homework this year in first grade. We want your child’s homework experience to be a positive and successful one. You may want to plan together as a family the best time and place for your child to work on their homework. Then your child can ease into developing a set homework routine.  Your child will be encouraged to practice sight words and spelling words at home.  They will also be bringing books home to read from Mrs. Fuller.

          The children will be bringing home a spelling list almost every Monday.  As soon as these lists start being sent home the students will be given a spelling test almost every Friday. We just encourage you to review the spelling words with your child throughout the week.  The children will also receive a list of 7 sight words on Mondays to practice during the week. 

              Family projects will also be sent home with your child throughout the school year. Some months are more hectic than others so there will not be a project every month. The first family project will be sent home in October.

              I want to encourage families to read at home each night. We sure appreciate all you do at home!  Book bags will be sent home with your child throughout the year.  Encourage your child to read the book to you.  You may want to ask your child some questions about the story.  After your son/daughter has the opportunity to read the book, please return the book in the book bag so that your child can choose a new book to bring home.  Mrs. Fuller will be sending home more information regarding the book bags. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you.


    Thanks for your cooperation