• Snack

      We will have a school- provided snack each day for the month of September. We will utilize a family snack calendar for the months of October-June. Students will be responsible for sending in snack one day per month. We will pick up the other days! If your child has any food allergies please talk to me so we can make their day as safe as possible!  Healthy snacks are preferred and encouraged.

    For your snack planning, we have 18 students in our classroom this school year! As of right now, I know that we have a peanut allergy to work around with snack items. I will send more information for you on this so we can keep all our students safe. Please touch base with me about any allergies or dietary needs your child has. Thank you!!
    If your child has a birthday during the school year you are welcome to send in a treat for the celebration. The celebration will take place during the scheduled snack time. For weekend birthdays, please check our snack calendar- I will try to put your child on for the Friday before or Monday after. Summer Birthdays will be celebrated at the end of the school year. I will keep everyone informed of any allergies we might have in the class this year. If your child is having a party I ask that your child not hand out invitations at school, unless everyone is invited. I can easily send invitations home to selected students in their folders if you would like to plan a smaller birthday event.