Correct Pencil Grasp
    Make sure your child is holding his or her pencil this way when printing or drawing!
     1. The pointer finger and thumb should grasp the pencil on its painted part (about one inch   
         above the point).
     2. The pencil should rest on the middle finger.
     3. The shaft of the pencil should rest on the hand
    It is hard to put a pencil in someone else's hand in the correct position without a lot of practice. If you are having trouble, try this. Set the pencil down, point towards your child. Help them pinch the pencil on the painted part, about an inch above the point. Flip the pencil back so it sits in the cradle of their thumb and pointer.
    Correct Scissors Grasp


    The thumb should be in the top hole...with the middle finger or middle 
         finger and pointer in the bottom hole. Some children put their middle and ring finger in the bottom hole and rest their pointer finger outside the scissors. This is fine too!
    As they are cutting, remind them to keep their THUMB ON TOP!