Below are some inexpensive ideas for surrounding your child with meaningful letter activities at home.

    Make letter books, using magazine pictures.

    Have your child finger paint individual letters.

    Give your child a box lid filled with a layer of salt, to write letters in.

    Show your child how to make letters with a pipe cleaner or Chenille stem.

    Have your child make letters with play dough.

    Make letter pretzels.

    Buy some letter stamps for your child to use.

    Look for favorite letters in the newspaper.

    Buy or make large cardboard letters to turn into letter puzzles.

    Make straight letter with craft sticks, E, T, H, A, M, N.

    Have your child look for the letters in her name on road signs.

    Let your child play with magnet letters on a refrigerator or cookie sheet.

    Write letters on a piece of paper in dots. Have your child draw from dot to dot to complete the letters.

    Cut out pieces of sandpaper, for your child to trace with their finger and to also use for making letter rubbings.