• 2017-2018 Supply List

    Dear Families,

    Welcome to PreK!

    Below is the school supply list for our year together. All school supplies will

    be added to our classroom community supplies cabinet. It is not necessary to

    label supplies with your child's name.

    School supplies can be a costly thing for families, especially with multiple children involved.

    We have worked very hard to cut our list down to some basics that will help

    your child find success during the year. We pick up many of

    these basic supplies ourselves as well, throughout the year, to replenish what has been used..

    If you have any hardships in finding or providing something on the list below, please

    contact me so we can work on this together. Some items, like tissues or baby wipes,

    can seem odd listed as a school supply. Please remember that a 3 or 4 year old is just learning

    about self-care of their body- on some early days of the school year, we can go through an

    entire box of tissues before the day has ended. Your purchase of items like this help us during

    these learning periods in your child's life!

    We are looking forward to spending this year with you!


    Miss Singer
    10 Glue Sticks
    2 bottles of glue
    2 boxes of large sized crayons (8 count) and 1 small sized
    2-4 containers of baby/hand wipes
    Book bag
    3-4 boxes of tissues (donations throughout the year would be greatly appreciated!
    PreK noses leak a lot!!!
    2 composition notebooks
    2 dry erase markers- any color
    1 box of zip lock bags (snack, sandwich, quart, or gallon size)
    Blanket or Towel for rest time
    Old Shirt for Art Smock