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    Welcome to a new school year and specifically, welcome to Global 10.  My name is P.J. Peterson and I have been teaching at CLV since 2001-2002.  I have taught Global 9, Global 10, Global I and II combined course, U.S. History and Government, Economics and Government, and Social Studies 7 during my years at CLV.  Additionally, I have also coached baseball, basketball, and boys soccer. 
    Currently, as part of our Global program we are taking part in a looping program.  When we loop students will begin Global 9 with a teacher and will stay with that teacher through the conclusion of Global 10. The conclusion of Global 10 will culminate with the Global regents exam.  In essence, Global 9 and Global 10 are one class which takes two years to complete.  The Global regents will include information from both Global 9 and Global 10.  Students will be required to pass Global 9, Global 10, and the Global regents with a score of at least 65 to be eligible for graduation.
    The Global 9 curriculum will consist of the periods from the first hominids to the period of European exploration of the Americas.  Some of the major areas that we will focus on include the early river valley civilizations, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, World Religions. Middle Ages, the European Renaissance and Reformation, Ancient Chinese dynasties, and more. 
    The Global 10 curriculum will begin with the Age of Absolute Monarchs, will include such exciting topics as the French Revolution, Latin American Revolution, the Russian Revolution, both World Wars, and the Cold War. We will discuss modern issues toward the end of the year and will prepare for the June regents for approximately 2 weeks prior to the exam.
    Welcome to Global!  I am looking forward to a great school year.

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