• Hello Sherri! Welcome to Mrs. Szczepanski's Classroom!

    Email Address: sszczepanski@clvschools.org
    Phone number: (716) 257-3483  Ext. 1124

    Welcome back to school!!  I am not only a teacher at the district, I am also a former student at Little Valley. My maiden name was Derr.  I am excited about working with your children this year. I am the 9th grade special education person assigned to work with those students with an IEP. ALthough that is my job title, I am fortune to be able to support any and all students who need help with their homework and or class materials.
    On a daily basis, I document all of the daily HW and any tests or quizzes that are coming up. As soon as I hear about it, it gets written in the agenda. The agenda is sent via email to ALL students in the 9th grade class. I also can and will add any parent's email addresses to this email list so that you know what is expected of your child everyday that they are in school and even when they are absent. As of this year 21/22, I will be able to provide HW assistance to any student who is willing to stay after for an hour to improve their work completion skills and their grades. 
    I am married to Tim and we raised 5 children; Danielle, Aereal, Robert, Summer and Stephen.  I have 4 grandchildren Kaitlyn age 24 and Dylan 12, Noell 9 and Adam 8 1/2 years old.  I enjoy traveling, gardening, and spending time with my family. Being a teacher has fulfilled my life long dream of educating and supporting children. I am thankful that I get the priviledge to serve the community that I love.