• Welcome to ELA 8 with Ms. Martonis!
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    ELA is an acronym for English Language Arts; however, in 8th grade, ELA stands for Examining Life Appropriately.  Throughout the year we will be studying characters (real and fictional) that allow us to examine our own circumstances, experiences, and ultimately our choices.  Upon completing 8th grade ELA, students will be prepared to succeed, not only academically, but also in the global world that they are entering.
    This year is a very exciting year at CLV.  The use of 1:1 iPads in the 8th grade will allow students to explore, create, and share the experiences that define them.  We will use a variety of Apps and websites to document our progress throughout the year.  Use the links provided on the "Links" page to search and explore what students are creating.
    If you have any questions or comments, please contact me:
    Email: lmartonis@clvschools.org
    Phone: 716-257-3483 EXT. 3322