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     Mr. Yelich

    Mr. Kyle Yelich

    HS Principal

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                I would first like to say how very appreciative I am to our students and staff for all their hard work the first semester. The first semester of this school year has given us much to be proud of in the area of academics, activities and athletics. We have great students at Cattaraugus-Little Valley High School who represent our community in the right way. Please come out and support our students in their different activities this winter and spring!

                As we move into the second semester, many of our students and staff are beginning to feel the crunch of graduation, Regents exams, college and career visits and the culmination of the school year quickly approaching. We are very fortunate to have so many hard working and dedicated people in this community that support our students in achieving their goals in high school and beyond. Many of our students recently achieved success in completing half-year courses, passed Regents exams and are getting ready to make strides towards the finish line in their high school careers.

                For our high school seniors, this time of year is always packed with nervous excitement and trepidation, as their young adult lives are about to change in a few short months. To that, I will say this: stay focused on the here and now. Live in this moment; focus your time and energy on the objective before you. Use your remaining time here at CLV wisely and enjoy what time you have in high school that remains. We are very proud of who you all are becoming, and we all can’t wait to see how you rise to the occasion and meet June head on!

                Let us all hope the snow is gone sooner than later, and let’s all put our best steps forward to support our students here at CLV all the way to the finish line.


    Power in the pack.


    Mr. Kyle Yelich, High School Principal