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  • What We Are Learning in Math

    - Unit 2: Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers and Decimals

    Estimating Products 

    Whole Number Multiplication with Area Model and Standard Algorithm 

    Decimal Multiplication with Area Model and Standard Algorithm 

    Measurement Conversion with Whole Number and Fraction Multiplication 

    Estimating Quotients 

    Whole Number Division with Whole Number Remainders 

    Whole Number Division with Decimals 


    - Unit 1: Place Value and Decimals 

    Multiplying and Dividing by Powers of 10 

    Converting Metric Units of Measurement 

    Saying and Writing Decimal Numbers 

    Comparing and Ordering Decimals 

    Rounding Decimals 

    Adding and Subtracting Decimals 

    Multiplying and Dividing Decimals with Whole Numbers 

    Problem Solving with Word Problems  

  • What We Are Learning in Science 

    - Unit 1: Matter 

    Types of Matter 

    How Matter Changes 

    Chemical vs. Physical Changes of Matter 

    Mixtures and Solutions 

    Properties of Matter 


    - Unit 2: Ecosystems 

    Food Chains and Food Webs 

    How Matter Moves Through an Ecosystem 


    Thriving Ecosystems 

    Invasive Species