Authorization for Administration of Medication


    1. To be completed by the parent or guardian:

    I request that my child______________________________grade_______receive the medication as prescribed below by our licensed health care provider.  The medication is to be furnished by me in the properly labeled original container from the pharmacy.  I understand than the school nurse, or other designated person in the case of the absence of the school nurse, will administer the medication. 



    (Signature of Parent/Guardian)




    Ph. Home _________ Work _________ Cell __________ Date:__________________


           B.  To be completed by the licensed health care provider  


    I request that my patient, as listed below, receive the following medication:


    Name:_______________________________________ Date of Birth:_____________






    Prescribed  Frequency and Route of Administration:______________________________


    Time During School Hours:_____________________________________________

    Duration of Treatment: _______________________________________________

    Side Effects  Adverse Reactions (if any):___________________________________




    Name Licensed Provider and Title (please print):___________________________________



    Signature:____________________________________________ Date:_____________________





    Cattaraugus-Little Valley Intermediate School

    207 Rock City Street

    Little Valley New York 14755                   Tele. 938-9155                     Fax. 938-6576


    Self-Medication Release Form


    For Inhalers




    Child’s Name:________________________________ has been instructed in the proper


    use of the inhaler (name of)________________________________________________.


    We,  (Physician’s name) __________________________________________________


    and (Parent/Guardian’s name) ______________________________________________


    request that (Child’s name)_________________________________________________

    be permitted to carry the inhaler on his/her person or to keep the same in his/her locker or P. E. Locker, as we consider him/her responsible.  He/she has been instructed in and understands the purpose and appropriate method and frequency of use of his/her inhaler.







    We, the undersigned, absolve the school of any responsibility in safeguard in our child’s use of the inhaler.












    Note:  The attached from must be completed in addition to the routine district medication form for those students who request permission to carry their own inhaler on campus or keep this inhaler in Physical Ed Locker.  


    (see reverse)