Michelle Sacilowski
    School Psychologist (716) 257-5501           Fax:  (716)257-5945

    Welcome! My name is Michelle Sacilowski and I am the School Psychologist at Cattaraugus-Little Valley Central School. 
    My role at Cattaraugus-Little Valley includes several components:
    • Assessment: I conduct educational and behavioral assessments on students who already have or may be suspected of having a disability. 
    • Counseling: I see students in individual and group counseling sessions to help provide them with behavioral, emotional, social, and academic skills they need to succeed.
    • Consultation: I work closely with teachers and parents on working through challenging academic or behavior difficulties.  
    • Response to Intervention:  I work closely with faculty and parents to assist them in providing evidence-based behavioral and academic interventions for students in need.
    • Committee on Special Education:  CSE/CPSE chairperson.
    If you have any concerns about a student's academic, behavior, social or emotional abilities, please feel free to call or e-mail me.