• Hello There!  Welcome to Mrs. George's Classroom!

    Email Address: sgeorge@cattlv.wnyric.org
    Phone number: 257-3436  ex. 5640
    I want you to know I am thinking of you and miss playing together.  
    While you are home there is so much playing you can do to be active.  
    Logs should have been sent home for you to work on and fill in.  I can't wait to
    see the many ways you chose to stay active.  Remember
    to have your parents permission for the activities you pick.  You can even 
    include them or another family member with the activities. Be safe and have fun
    with staying active.  
    See you soon!!
    Hello, I am Mrs. George.  I am teaching Physical Education primarily to Kindergarten through Eighth Grades.  The purpose of Physical Education at CLV is to provide the students with a curriculum that focuses on the child's movement abilities using a wide variety of locomotor, manipulative, individual, team and fitness related activities.  It is our aim to provide the necessary skills and knowledge that will guide them to lead healthy active lifestyles.  Developmentally appropriate tasks are provided at each level to establish a skills foundation for learning.  Along with this, students will demonstrate responsible personal and social behavior while engaging in physical activity.  As the child progresses, he/she will experience a variety of activities which will provide a direction toward a lifetime of enjoyment in physical activity.
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