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    Hellocute book surfing cat!  I am so happy that you have found your way to my/ our classroom site!  It is definitely a work in progress.  But that is what life, all of our lives, are like!  

         So, to begin, I will tell you a bit about myself. I have three children, including our youngest recently graduated from Syracuse University. She is now happily employed by an internet resource firm in Syracuse.   We often go see her or she comes to us!  Our eldest graduated from SUNY Geneseo with a physics degree and currently works in Boulder, Colorado.  He has returned to school to earn a masters or doctorate in phiysics while also working full time.  We miss him very much, but are happy that he is happy.  Our oldest daughter went to the University of Rochester to earn her BA and now is teaching 2nd grade in Detroit. SAhe was recently honored as a Detroit Piston's Game Changer Teacher.  We are very proud of her and the difference she is making in kids' lives out there.  We have been truly blessed with active, motivated children.  
       We have also had our share of typical dilemmas, and so I likely may understand any parenting troubles you could be going through, as well as the pleasures of being a parent.  I hope you feel comfortable to communicate any concerns so that we can work towards your child's success together.
          How else do I spend time, other than teaching and preparing for class?  I enjoy many things!  I read, hike, listen to pod-casts, tend my flower gardens, ride my bike, and take care of the house!  I rode my bike a lot this summer and hope to keep active cross country and downhill skiing this year. I watch a few shows, but generally don't watch very much TV.  We also take some time to go visit our kids in Boulder, Detroit and Syracuse. garden flower
        I have to talk a bit about our other 'baby', our little dog, Jenna.  She is a Pomeranian/Cocker-Spaniel mix and ABSOLUTELY adorable.  With all of her antics and playfulness, she makes a very interesting subject to write about when modeling personal narrative writing for the students. 
        We also have a cat that  is fun to watch and cuddle.  Add to this 1guinea pig- and you can rest assured that I still have little mess maker-entertainers in my house.  And so- you can see I am used to commotion and taking care of creatures.  I hope that may reassure you that your child is in good hands!    cute little monkey
          The subject areas I will be responsible for teaching your children are math, reading and  writing, primarily.  Although we wont have set times for learning science and social studies, we will  learn about our world through reading, observations, and some hands-on activities.  We are also very fortunate to have Mrs. Busac come in about 1x a month to share her science expertise with the children.  Additionally Mr. Weinberg and Mr. Miller come in about 1x a week to teach the children computer type technology they are well-versed in.  It is a fun, demanding, AND rewarding year!  :)
    Finally, I hope you find this site useful and entertaining.  If you have suggestions or questions as you use this site, please email me at jrickert@clvschools.org
    Mrs. Rickert

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