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CLV Band Members Marching in Parades

Sunday, May 28: East Otto Parade

(7-12 band members march)

Parade Begins at 11:30am.

Band members: Report at 11:00 am @ East Otto

Location: Look for CLV School bus


· Monday, May 29: Little Valley Parade

(7-12 band members march)

Parade Begins at 10:00 am

Band members: Report at 9:30 am @ Little Valley School

Location: Parade begins at parking lot of Little Valley School building and ends at the LV cemetery.


· Monday, May 29: Cattaraugus Parade

(5th & 6th grade band members, and 7-12 band members march)

Parade begins at 12:30pm.

Band members: Report at 12:00pm @ Old Cattaraugus Elementary on the Hill

Location: Parade begins at old school building, (corner of Jefferson & South Streets) and ends at the Cattaraugus Cemetery.

*(A global connect call will be made if parade(s) are cancelled due to inclement weather.)*