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Athletics During COVID

“Interim Guidance for Sports and Recreation During the COVID – 19 Public Health Emergency” limits the number of patrons/players to two spectators per player. Spectators must:

  • Maintain six feet of physical distance between individuals and/or family/household units at all times
  • Must wear face coverings when they are in common areas and situations where six feet of distancing is not able to be maintained, so long as they are over the age of two and medically able to tolerate such covering
  • Spectators (2 per player) will be issued a CCAA pass and must wear the pass at all times while at the athletic event
  • Spectators will complete a COVID – 19 screening/Temp check upon arrival

Spectators without a CCAA issued pass will not be allowed to attend the athletic event.  Thank you for supporting our athletes and new regulations.