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Counselors Available

Counselors Available
Please contact our school counselors at the following numbers if you, your child or family member is in need. 
Elementary Counselor
Nicole Illig 716- 257-5517
Middle & High School Counselors
Please call 257-3483
Stacey Lindner (Family Support Coordinator) Ext: 5536
Sheryl Williams (Grades 5-7, Grades 5-12 IEP) Ext: 5665
Casey Barber (Grades 11-12) Ext: 5058
Jeff Goodridge (Grades 8-10) Ext: 5324
Erica Trysnicky (Job Coach/Transition Coordinator) Ext: 5548
Michelle Sacilowski (School Psychologist) Ext: 5501
The Student Services Secretary, Stacey Chapman, can be reached at 257-5721