Get Moving! Integrated PE Curriculum

Join us as we build a kinder, healthier future for our nation’s youth! Each day we will feature a 3-5 minute, interactive video that will teach kids how to take care of their mind and body, while also being kind so they can live their best life!

The New York State Physical Education Learning Standards (2020) Implementation Roadmap is a document prepared by the State Education Department to assist educators’ transition to fully implement the new physical education learning standards.  The Roadmap’s goals and activities were developed by the State Education Department in collaboration with various local school districts and stakeholders to ensure that all New York State schools would be equipped to implement the NYS Physical Education Learning Standards (2020).  The overall timeline for the implementation is as follows:

  • Phase I: Raise Awareness (Fall 2020 – Fall 2021): Training on the new standards; awareness of the rollout timeline; statewide collaboration with the BOCES, school districts, professional organizations, and higher education
  • Phase II: Build Capacity (Fall 2021 – Fall 2023): Guidance for local programs and curriculum development and additional standards resources and training
  • Phase III: Full Implementation (Fall 2023 – ongoing): Full implementation of new standards

Implementation Roadmap and Timeline

Implementation Resources

The NYS Physical Education Learning Standards (2020) at a Glance provide the progression of physical education learning standards across grade levels from prekindergarten through high school.